The Blackcell Ark Server Cluster intends to cultivate a positive community and playing experience. The original seven members have played on a password protected PC Hosted PS4 server for some time now and have decided we would like to grow our community with people that have similar game play styles and values.

The servers in this cluster are cross-arked so you can travel freely between them to reach map specific bosses. There may be rules or restrictions for travel. To read up on them, see the Servers page.


Most Ark players can agree official servers are overpopulated and filled with players some would rather not associate with. PvP is worse with constant griefing and no opportunity to play unless you get a mega tribe invitation.

To avoid the toxic situations most people have stayed single player or host private servers. This offers the protection to learn the game as it was intended to be played but what happens when you start to lack other player interaction? There is an entire aspect of the game that some never experience because of the online toxicity in official or untrusted servers.

We want to create a community without the negative experiences but allows us to explore the game to the fullest, together. To create a framework for building a diverse player base with many tribes and servers in a cluster who can agree to follow rules and have different styles of game play.

We will also scale the native Blackcell cluster server beyond 10 slots when needed.

Still Deciding?

Check out the Servers page for rules and game modes and the server configurations. Our configurations are slightly tweaked to provide a more positive experience for the casual gamer without sacrificing the longevity of game play. Modifications will be announced in the News section.

If you have additional questions, contact Blackcell via the Contact page or drop in and ask in game.