Since we have admin logging turned on, I wanted to let everyone know about an incident we had today that warranted using admin commands to try to correct the situation.

The member Bru decided to merge with my tribe, BCF. He left his tribe and accepted my invitation only for us to realize his entire base and tames were no longer accessible. I used admin commands to force him back into his tribe as the owner and we attempted a merge. After merging, BCF members could access his structures and but he could not. After spending an hour trying to find different ways and settings that could be causing this I made the decision to have him start a new character and I would give his new character the experience needed to go back to his level of 87. We didn't realize the 2x experience modifier would be accessed with the command and he leveled to over 96. Additionally, it gave tribe experience in the immediate vicinity and I had gained 10 levels. So we destroyed both of our characters, one at a time, reset our level to the original level and rejoined the tribe to fix the situation. After over an hour and a half, we finally achieved the tribe merge and had characters set back to the respective levels before the fiasco started.

I wanted to let the community know for anyone in the game seeing the commands executed or to someone viewing the admin logs. If you have any questions regarding the incident, let me know.


The loot crate quality multiplier has been slightly decreased to 2.5 on Ragnarok and The Island. We had noticed the quality of loot being dropped had an affinity toward giving ascendant blueprints, even from purple drops.

This change was made because we weren't seeing lower quality blueprints drop. This seems problematic because as a fairly new server, most players will have a difficult time accumulating the materials needed to craft the ascendant items. I believe a more balanced outcome would be lowering the quality in hopes to see more mid-quality blueprints.


After further discussion with the existing community I have found there is a lack of interest for Advanced PvP at this time. This is not good news to our potential partner server as they are solely interested in Advanced PvP and consensual raiding.

Due to this, we are suspending the plan to add another server hosting "The Center" until more interest in either map is expressed or our collective player base expands enough that potential donations would have a chance to cover the costs of the server. This decision has been made primarily because the native cluster player base is more interested in a fresh start on Ragnarok.


We have decided to add a partner community to the server cluster. The community consists of approximately 9 players on a 32 slot Ragnarok PvP server.

After discussion and exploring each others' servers, the original idea was to roll Blackcell_Ragnarok to The Center. After consulting with the existing community we thought it best to leave the servers the way they are and bring an additional 10 slot server up to run The Center. This will happen within the next week.

For more information refer to the Servers page.