General Rules

Don't be toxic. We like to give each other a hard time, but don't take it too far and don't get personal.

Ragnarok Rules [PvE/PvP]

A rule framework for PvP zones and such is in the works. Foremost we know we want ORP off to allow tribal alliances. With this being said...

Be considerate when on MIC. If you have background noise going, please be aware and thoughtful for others. Mute your MIC if needed.

No Offline Raiding! We want this to provide a more robust landscape. If PvP is to be executes, for now we want to see a more formal declaration of war. If a member is caught raiding/PvPing an offline tribe, they will be warned. If it is a group effort the tribe will be warned. Second occurrences will result in ban. Tribes are expected to police themselves. We want there to be a PvP aspect for those who want to participate, but we want to prevent mega-tribe establishment.

The Island Rules [PvE/Limited]

This server started it all. The founding members began here and wish to have their work preserved. We don't mind, as of now, if you want to go explore "The Island" Ark Map and even build on it. Please be respectful of the cliff side base and keep your distance. You cannot miss it. It has taken us countless hours of work and effort.

For "The Island Natives" that started there. You are limited to your own carry weight and one tamed animal traveling to Ragnarok. If you return to The Island to play, be sure you return to Ragnarok with what you came with or less. Since there is an established base, it provides an unfair advantage to new community members. If these rules cannot be followed, I will break the cross ark connection and the founding members will be forced to choose which server they want their original character to reside on.

The Center Rules [PvP]

Coming Soon